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AVI format was developed by Microsoft company for playing and storing video files. AVI can contain four different data flows: video, audio, MIDI and text.

FLV is a format used for sending video data over the Internet. It’s most frequently used at such services as YouTube, RuTube and Google. FLV files can be played in most of the operating systems since this format is used by Adobe Flash that is present in most browsers.

WMV (Windows Media Video) format is a video file recorded in Windows media format. It was initially intended for use in streaming video offered by websites and for music videos. WMV files are viewed in Windows Media Player.

MOV format was developed by Apple Quicktime company. It may contain various video codecs, for instance CBR and VBR. Thus, all MOV files can be viewed in media players produced by QuickTime company, such as Quicktime Alternative.

MP4 is the shorter version of Mpeg4. This format was made for relatively small data flows used in cell phones, files sent over the email and various e-zines. Its uniqueness is defined by the unification of a certain number of standards among which the supplier of the video can find the necessary and the most appropriate type.

PSP format – the format of files used at portable game consoles Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP). These files not only contain audio and video data but can also serve as separate applications, for instance, video games or utilities.