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v.2.7.3 update on January 31, 2012

- Works Firefox 10. Please Update
- Updated Firefox Addon to 10.0.1
- Converts WebM format

- We added FVD Player - plays WebM and FLV videos, also supports all popular media formats!

v.2.6.9 update on November 9, 2011

- Works Firefox 8. Please Update
- Updated Firefox Addon to 6.0.1
- Speed Dial works much faster

v.2.6.8 update on September 27, 2011

- Fixed some encoding bugs
- Added support for sharing URLs received from Firefox extension
- Updated Firefox extension (work with version 7.0)
- Added support for Google +1 service
- FireFox updates: Speed Dial, Video Player, Download History, Compact mode and much more...

v.2.6.7 update on August 15, 2011

- Works with Firefox 6

v.2.6.6 update on August 4, 2011

- Important! We fixed Youtube Download. Pls download new version!

v.2.6.5 update on July 18, 2011

Big Upgrade for Firefox users!

With new Firefox addon you will get:
- Video playback function
- Advanced and very flexible history of webpages with videos you've visited with different types of sorting available.
- Tab Preview Tool
- Some more small features, which the previous version of FlashVideoDownloader addon and FVD Suite addon didn't have
- We did really big job to make FF addon much better and powerful. New video stream recorder built in firefox will download 99% of videos (except crypted and RTMP). Youtube download became muche better and stable!

v.2.6.3 updated on May 23, 2011

- "Adult content filter" feature added – "adult-oriented" features of the program can now be deactivated both during installation and after it (in program settings section).
- New FVD Video search service added on "Search" tab
- Feature allowing HTTP protocol download of regular files added (archived files, images and other files are now downloadable).
- The downloads are now split into groups visually.
- Feature allowing download of regular files with HTTP authorization (Login/Password) added.
- Software productivity enhanced.
- Firefox browser extension updated.
- Internet Explorer browser extension updated.
- PornHub (adult resource) support added.

v.2.6.2 updated on March 30, 2011

- User interface improved.
- Title-based file name suggestion feature (Suggest) added
- Network device autosearch upgraded (almost instant now)
- HTTP Streams and RTMP tabs united into one - Streams.
- Convertor improved.
- MKV (Matroska Video) format added.
- VOB video format added (DVD).
- Dolby Digital AC-3 audio format added.
- Several presets added into video convertor.
- HD (higher resolutions and bitrates) support for Windows Media
- Video (WMV) format added.
- Browser addons updated
- Digg and StumbleUpon services added in Share.
- User interface is now available in German and Spanish languages.
- When an item is deleted from Downloader section, you are offered to delete the original file from the hard drive too.
- Fvdbox appearing during Windows loading deleted.
- Shockwave Flash streams are no longer displayed by default. You will need to use a new function in program settings to activate them.
- FVD Suite works much faster now.
- Internet Explorer addon installation process improved (IE toolbarused to be switched off on new systems)
- User interface improvements.
- A bunch of bugs and errors fixed.

v.2.5.1 updated on November 11, 2010

- Video screen capture feature added.
- The list of formats used for direct encoding has grown larger.
- Screen video capture is now supported in Internet Explorer.
- Screen video capture is now supported in Mozilla Firefox 3.x/4.x
- The software has been integrated with AddThis service.
- The software has been integrated with Facebook's "I like it" function.
- Feature showing countdown before the start of recording added.
- Database of sites that the software is compatible with has grown larger.
- Operation of the software in Windows XP environment has been optimized.
- Now you are offered to choose the audio device for recording.
- "Adult sites" tab can now be moved to "Sites list".
- Mozilla Firefox browser extension updated.
- Internet Explorer browser extension updated.
- Integration with Twitter.
- Integration with Google Buzz service.
- Software operation optimized.
- Same Quality bitrate option added (allows preserving original quality).
- Auto bitrate increased to 1 Megabit.
- UI improvements.
- A bunch of bugs and errors fixed.

v.2.4.7 updated on August 03, 2010

- HTTP stream download is now supported (most sites).
- WinPcap gets installed via Internet now.
- Firefox / Internet Explorer extensions updated.
- Automatic table scrolling in RTMP.
- Updated graphics.
- Updated search tab.
- Multiple interface enhancements.
- The program now defines whether an URL is supported or not automatically.
- Download history is divided into two sections.
- Modal windows are now closed with the help of Alt+F4 or Esc buttons.
- In case of unexpected shutdown of FVD Suite, the list of your downloads will be saved.
- Feedback function added.
- Faster launching and operation of the program.
- System of download failure messages added.
- Updated extensions for Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.
- New "Translators" tab added in "Help – About" section – now you yourself can help to localize the program.
- A bunch of bugs and errors fixed.

v.2.4.5 updated on May 10, 2010

- RAM optimization.
- Play feature for downloads and media files (default media player).
- File extensions DB.
- Added support for translating software.
- Added new video modes in converter.
- Added social gadgets in statusbar.
- Integration with FVD Browsers extensions.
- Added search tab.
- UI improvements.
- A bunch of bugs and errors fixed.

v.2.4.3 updated on February 27, 2010

- Improved system tray
- Feedback feature
- Updated dialog "New version available"
- Default audio format is MP3 (more popular)
- Updated YouTube support (HD 1080p)
- Updated dialog "Select directory"
- Many bug fixes

v.2.4.2 updated on February 9, 2010

- Updated installer - Added native support for Youtube downloading (also HD compability)
- Added native support for video.mail.ru downloading
- Added native support for megavideo.com downloading
- Added native support for xvideos.com downloading
- Updated encoder FFmpeg (more faster and stable)
- New audio and video formats like SWF, FLAC
- FVD Suite not requires Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable
- Added option for autohiding main window (preferences)
- Additional functions in history
- Added support for choosing preferred device for RTMP
- Added feature for converting single files
- UAC compability (Windows Vista/7)
- Updated sites list (View all supported sites.)

v.2.4.1 updated on January 12, 2010

- Added native support for xvideos.com downloading
- A bunch of bugs and errors fixed

v.2.3.9 updated on December 29, 2009

- Updated installer
- Added support for RTMP downloading (Read More)
- Added encoding profiles
- .m3u playlist making feature added;
- New sites that FVD Suite works with added into the list;
- New audio and video formats
- Import list feature
- Added splash screen
- UI improvements
- A bunch of bugs and errors fixed

v.2.0.9 updated on 01.10.2009 October 01, 2009

- Added new formats
- A bunch of bugs and errors fixed

v.2.0.7 updated on September 18, 2009

- Initial release that supports downloading video through flashvideodownloader.org
- Added tray
- Added sites list (View all supported sites.)
- UI improvements