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FVD Suite – download manager.

FVD Suite DOES NOT save any of the users' personal information or share it with third parties.

FVD Suite DISCLAIMS any responsibility for the use of media files following the download or processing with the help of FVD Suite.

The main function of the program is downloading files by HTTP protocol.

The program is absolutely free.
It bundled with extensions intended for encoding video and supporting RMTP protocol.

The program belongs to the same category with Tape recorders, CD Recorders, etc (1).
The program is intended for your own personal use without any commercial profit.

You are not allowed to distribute media content without respective permission from the possessor of the copyright. FVD Suite does not have anything to do with the content you are downloading or working with – it only
provides you with the opportunity to downloaded media content intended for publishing
online to your PC, so that you can enjoy it without having to go online. (1)

Video encoding extension is based on open project known as FFmpeg,
licensed under GNU LGPL v2.1 or later. You can read the user agreement (English only) here.

You can find source codes and compilation manuals for Windows platforms by following the link below:

Nevertheless, the majority of MPEG codecs are patented in this or that state, which 
implies payment of royalty in return for their use. In case the user is based in the country
where the respective codec was patented, he/she is considered responsible for paying the royalty fee.

Extension for getting data by RTMP protocol - FLVStreamer (website),
Encrypted RTMP and swf verification are not supported and will never be implemented.

FLVStreamer licensed under GNU GPL v2
You can find source codes and compilation manuals for Windows platforms by following the link below:

In addition to the main software system, FVD Suite also offers Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browser plugins. FVD Suite can't be installed without these plugins. When you uninstall FVD Suite, the plugins get uninstalled as well. FVD Suite undergoes regular scanning with more than 20 anti-virus programs. FVD Suite DOES NOT contain and dangerous components and has got nothing to do with adware/spyware.