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Streaming Video is offered at most of the YouTube-like sites. Thus, with FVD Suite you will be able to download practically any video from the Web! Music download is also supported at a number of sites, such as vk.com, for example. All you have to do in order to download a video or a music file is play it! Yes, that's the way it is :) Here's a more detailed explanation of the whole thing:

1. Launch FVD Suite and open Streams tab.

2. All versions of FVD Suite released after 2.6.2 find the necessary network device automatically – but you can also specify it manually from the Device list (if the list is empty, there is probably a problem with drivers – you will need to update them from your network device manufacturer's official website)

3. Open "Stream Media Downloader" tab again. If FVD Suite has detected the video, you will see the link to flv (mp3, wmv, avi) file in URL bar. Select the video that you want to download and click the "Download" button. After that you will go to "Download Audio/Video" tab again - from there you will be able to download video to your PC. You can find the Help section showing you how to use "Download Audio/Video" tab here.

4. Open FVD Suite once again. If the video is found, you will see the link to it in URL field.In order to download video, you need to choose the appropriate link in URL field and click on Download button. After that you will be able to specify download and video conversion settings.

Important.! If the URL field is empty, then the video is probably offered in crypted format (RTMPE or crypted HTTP). In this case, you can try saving the video with the help of: Screen capture function.