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FVD Recorder allows you to capture video from your screen as well as to make screenshots. With the help of FVD Recorder you will be able to make Video Tutorials or grab video from sites that don’t allow direct download – such as vevo.com or rutube.ru, for instance.

1) Open FVD Suite and select FVD Screen Recorder

2) First of all, you need to specify the area of the screen that you want to capture. FVD Recorder captures video in 3 different modes.

a) User Select – if you choose this mode, you can specify the area of the screen to be captured yourself, changing its size or moving the frame to any section of the screen. When the area is specified, double-click your left mouse button.

b) Full Screen – if you choose this mode, a video showing the whole of your screen will be captured.

c) Window – this mode allows capturing the video from the active window – such as that of your browser or text editor software.

3) Having specified the required area, you can edit the settings of the future recording. Do it by clicking Options. Here comes the overview of the main parameters in Options

General menu. Hotkeys function allows you to set hotkeys in the program.

Record cursor – if you uncheck this box, the captured video won’t show your cursor, even if it gets into the recorded area.
Countdown Timer – use this function to set up the duration of the delay before the recording of the video.
Save to: section allows you to specify the folder that you want to store your captured video in.
Use Mask option to specify the name of the captured video file.

Video Frame Parameters menu
This menu allows you to sync the time in the record with the record itself. Please, edit these settings with care as the result may be rather disappointing.

Audio Settings menu
With the help of this menu you can specify the required audio device and format.

Screenshot menu
Here you can specify the parameters of the screenshots that software allows you to take – such as their format or quality.

4) After you choose the area of the screen to be recorded and specify the required settings, hit the big red REC button (if you want to record video, we advise you to use Countdown function in order to sync the beginning of the recorded video with the beginning of the screencast. This will start the recording. Hit ESC button to stop it. When the required video is recorded, hit CTRL + F2.

You can find the recorded video in the folder that you specified in General settings menu.