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The list of RTMP websites (as Video websites), from which we can download the video, is continually filled up. Moreover not all websites to download the video are in this list. Many websites also return the ciphered streams and if you failed to download some flow report to us, we will examine it.

1. If you don't know what RTMP is and what sites work with it, go here:
(Read About RTMP Streams)

Open FVD Suite and click on RTMP Stream

If a message stating that Winpcap (PCAP) is not installed at your PC appears, download it from the official website. You can learn more about Pcap in Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pcap or at its
official website.

2. In order to start working with RTMP Stream, you have to select Device (Network device). In most cases Microsoft is this device, but if anything goes wrong, please, choose another one.

3. Press Start button, open the browser and launch the video that you want to download in it
(Please, Follow the Provided Order of Actions Carefully!)

If FVD Suite finds the stream, it will appear in the URL field. After that you will be able to download this stream by pressing the Download button, which will take you to Download Audio/Video section. You can find the Help file concerning the operation of this section here:
(Read About "Download Audio/Video TAB")

The list of sites from which you can download video keeps on growing steadily – don't forget to check it out every once in a while by clicking the List of supported sites button.