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FVD Suite vs. Orbit Downloader: Downloading the Undownloadable:

Remember those damn bad times when the content from such major video libraries as YouTube, MetaCafe and others really was available only for viewing online? You wanted to get that movie on your PC, you needed it really really bad for some purpose – but you just couldn't do it because of the strict no-download policy of those resources? Fortunately, those times are finally over and there's a good deal of various video downloaders working with clips of different formats supplied by different content storage systems. Today I will be scrutinizing and comparing two of them – the ones that might be the best in market at the moment. Ready to hear the names of these must-have programs? Here you are – these are FVD Suite and Orbit Downloader. Which one of them is better, you wonder? Well, hopefully, this review will show!

1. FVD Suite – Simplicity Almighty.

FVD Suite is a very good streamline video downloader – and there are a whole lot of reasons making me think so. The first one that I have noticed straight from the start of my acquaintance with this software (bet that you will notice it too) was the simplicity of its interface. Come on, take a look at the screenshot below – seeing anything that appears to be hardly comprehensible? I doubt that!

The list of supported sites is totally stunning here – if my arithmetic skills are not totally gone, FVD Suite can work with as many as 356 video sites and 12 RTMP ones. The list of languages that those sites are presented in looks very impressing – just like the list of languages offered for the interface of the program itself. English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and even Finnish and Russian – they are all there for your maximum comfort.

I know that converting the downloaded *.FLV files into a more or less decent format is always a pain in the neck for the users as well – you should either look for a separate converter or use an FLV player. Fortunately, with FVD Suite it is not the case – this software brags a built-in converter allowing you to choose any appropriate output video format. AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, MP4, PSP, 3GP, SWF – whichever you prefer. Yeah, almost forgotten that this software can also convert vids into simple sound tracks without the original visual component.

Just like the majority of similar programs, FVD Suite has got that omnipresent little icon that will be displayed above all windows that you have got opened (unless you uncheck the corresponding line in its properties). I'm not much of an ill-tempered person but… Sometimes I wonder how come the inventors of such software don't content themselves with desktop icons and QuickLaunch menu items.

2. Orbit Downloader – The Heavyweight Champ

Having completed the installation of Orbit Downloader and having refused to accept and install any additional software (come on, I only need a reliable downloader and that's it – there's no need for all those extras), I launched the program and… This is what I saw there:

I wouldn't say that this program is much more complicated than FVD Suite – but the unmatched simplicity of the latter is certainly lacking. What is also absent is the converter function – if you are using Orbit Downloader, you will definitely need to get yourself that extra converter of FLV player, whatever suits you best. On the other hand, there is that pretty interesting "Scheduler" function allowing you to schedule automatic downloads on any day and any time you wish.

Orbit Downloader is certainly not spared from a bunch of really cool positive features as well. Let's start off with the fact that this downloader is compatible with a whole lot of online video libraries – the list of supported sites is even longer than that of FVD Suite. Besides, Orbit Downloader also supports RapidShare downloads, which is a considerable advantage as well.

Orbit Downloader's compatibility with the majority of popular browsers was something I couldn't leave unnoticed too (I liked that GetIt button appearing right on the video – very useful), as well as the variety of languages that the software's interface is available in. The list of languages in FVD Suite that impressed me at first starts looking simply laughable if compared to that of Orbit Downloader!

What is good about both programs is the fact that they are available to their users without any charges at all. Anyway, the final verdict will be as follows: if you are looking for a very functional video downloader with a good deal of additional features, choose Orbit Downloader. However, if simplicity is exactly what you value most in software and you also plan to convert the downloaded vids into a more appropriate media format, FVD Suite is the right choice for you.