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1. How can You convert FLV files into avi, mpeg, mp4 and other video formats using FVD Suite.

Launch FVD Suite program.

Click the Add button and choose the required FLV file. You can convert up to 30 files at once. It should be pointed out that the length of the conversion process will depend on the number of files being converted.


P.S. You can also add the file into the conversion list with the help of Ctrl+O hotkey.

After choosing the files you should specify the format into which the video shall be converted and also choose the conversion settings.

First, you should choose Video under Convert to: heading

After this choose the video format which you want to convert your FLV file into. You can read more about these formats and choose the one you need here.

Each format has a number of settings with the help of which you will be able to improve (or spoil :) ) the quality of video. Default settings are appropriate for most files, so you can leave them unchanged.

P.S. If you want to convert several files at once, the settings shall be the same for all conversions! You won't be able to convert one file from the list into AVI and another one – into WMV at once!

However, if you still decided to change the settings, we recommend you to read about them here.

Then you will need to choose the folder into which FVD Suite will save the converted video. You will be able to do it with the help of the Destination: menu item. Click the Browse button and state the required folder or create a new one.

After specifying the required settings you can get down to converting the files. To do it just click the Go button.

You can follow the process of conversion with the help of the Progress: bar. You can stop the process of conversion at any time by clicking the Stop button.

P.S. You can also start or stop the process of conversion with the help of the F9 key.

In the Files to Convert: section you can check the status of converted files and remove them from the list with the help of Delete button.

When the process of conversion is over, you can clear the Files to Convert: list with the help of the Clear button:

Convert files from Windows Explorer:

You can also choose the file you want to convert straight from the Explorer or My Computer window. Just right-click on the chosen file and choose Convert with FVD Suite.

How to use profiles in video converter tab:

Using profiles you can save the settings for every video format. For example, to convert the file to MOV format you need well-defined bitrate and frame size, to convert the file to AVI format you need well-defined audio bitrate, and if later you had to manually define the settings every time, that at present you have ability to save needed values to profiles and use it in case of need.

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